Breezy, 2.6.12 kernel, and ATI 200M?

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Sun Oct 9 17:17:09 UTC 2005

On 10/9/05, Christian Convey <christian.convey at> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm considering buying a notebook with an ATI 200M graphics chip. I
> want to run 32-bit Breezy on it, which currently has a kernel version
> of 2.6.12-9-xxx.
> Should I expect X to do OK on this notebook? I have several reasons
> to be concerned:

Define OK. You will have to hack your xorg.conf file by hand to get it to
boot at all. With the ATI driver you need to etra line

Option "NoAccel"

The ATI drivers "work". They certainly work better than the ATI driver which
has (in my experience) terrible support for this chip. I'm running 64-bi
Breezy and I had to turn off the RAM on the graphics card to make it boot
using ATI's drivers due to a well documented bug with ATI's driver.
Hopefully they will get it right next time. So, right now my 200M with 128MB
of onboard ram is using 32 mb of my system memory so I can use it.

But 3D "works" now..albeit slowly.

This probably ain't what you wanted to hear. But, Linux support of new
hardware always improves. So, I'm thinking that support in Drake will be
fantastic for this hardware.


(A) ATI's web page for their proprietary driver only mentions support
> through 2.6.11 kernels:
> (B) I've seen some postings on this newsgroup of people having
> problems with this chip, but I don't know if these people are the
> exception or the rule.
> Also, if I do buy the notebook, am I better off using the
> 'linux-restricted-modules' package, or the driver available from ATI's
> website?
> Thanks,
> Christian
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