DNS via ADSL modem/router doesn't play well with DHCP

Thomas Kaiser (ubuntu) ubuntu at kaiser-linux.li
Sat Oct 8 17:03:10 UTC 2005

Neil Woolford wrote:
> My question really is;  are others experiencing similar problems, or is
> the difficulty a peculiarity of the Linksys ADSL2MUE?  If the problem is
> widespread, can anything be done to fix it without editing config files?

A friend of mine had the same problme on a DSL router (I don't know the 
  brand). The windoz box was just running fine with the router as DNS 
server, but Ubuntu (Linux) didn't like that. It was working with Ubuntu 
somehow, but DNS queries were very slow. We just set up static DNS 
servers (The ISP DNS servers). And then, the Internet was really fast.

I don't know how this routers do DNS and why we see a difference between 
windoz and linux. Maybe the manufacturer of these routers have an "evil" 
contract and programmed the router to behave different if a Linux box is 
detected? Just a stupied thought :-).



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