installing skype on ubuntu 5.04

Frank Merenda fmerenda at
Thu Oct 6 00:49:20 UTC 2005

> "Static binary tar.bz2 with Qt 3.2 compiled in (10.4 MB)
> Use if the above don’t work."

I can run with both the static build or the (im)properly installed .deb, but be
warned, both the static build and the properly installed build take over a
minute to start up on my P4 3.2 GHZ machine with 2GB ram, so be patient after
you hit enter. :)

You can install the .deb with:

sudo dpkg --ignore-depends libqt3c102-mt -i skype_1.2.0.17-1_i386.deb

it's up to you. I'm running the static build until Skype's .deb packages are
fixed, then I'll install them properly.

Take care,

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