installing skype on ubuntu 5.04

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Wed Oct 5 22:47:28 UTC 2005

Mirna Limic schrieb am 06.10.2005 00:14:

> When I try to install skype on ubuntu 5.04 with the command:
> dpkg -i skype_1.2.0.17-1_i386.deb
> I get the following error message:
> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of skype:
>   skype depends on libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:; however:
>    Version of libqt3c102-mt on system is 3:3.3.3-7ubuntu3.
> dpkg: error processing skype (--install):
>   dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>   skype
> I've been trying to get libqt3c102-mt without success, but it seems I 
> already have it under a different name.

No, it looks like you have it in a different version, lower than the
one needed.

	dpkg -l libqt3c102-mt

prints the version (but it is also already printed in the message

> I have just gone from win to 
> linux, so I'm completely new to this.
> What does:
> skype depends on libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:; however:
>    Version of libqt3c102-mt on system is 3:3.3.3-7ubuntu3.
> mean. And how can I fix the problem?
> Please, Help!

It simply means what is written there :-). The Debian/Ubuntu package
manager---or software installation manager---keeps track of the
software an application needs to run (most of the GNU/Linux package
managers do so).[1] Skype needs libqt3c102-mt or in other words
depends on this library. Furthermore skype needs this library in a
version similar or higher than 3: But you have a version
installed minor the required version, namely 3:3.3.3-7ubuntu3.

I can't tell you how to fix. I had a quick look at the Skype
homepage that offers debs for Ubuntu. So, there shouldn't be any
dependency problems. I run Skype on my Debian Sarge machine without
any problems.

Oh, there's the following on the site:

"Static binary tar.bz2 with Qt 3.2 compiled in (10.4 MB)
Use if the above don’t work."

Try this, if there are no other suggestions on the list.



[1] If you install packages by accessing Ubuntu respositories (have
a look at /etc/apt/sources.list) the corresponding frontend
(apt-get, aptitude, synaptic ... but not dpkg!) installs the
dependencies from these respositories automatically; you need not to
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