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On Wed, 5 Oct 2005 16:26:22 +0530
Jayasimha Yerramilli <jayasimha.yerramilli at gmail.com> wrote:

> So I did a disk defragmentation and then using Partition Magic I created a
> 9.9GB for Linux and installed Ubuntu using
> the CD.
> The installation happened very well and I just had to reboot and create a
> user account for my login. After reboot a disaster
> struck the HP recovery started. I recovered my system and I was back to
> square1. I reinstalled my Windows OS.
> Because of this my NVIDIA graphics card my webcam and printers
> were impaired
> since I did put the correct CD but donno
> what happened.
> Now Ubuntu does not show up at all anywhere.
> One of my friends told me that HP, IBM, APPLE write their own boot
> sequence
> Now I am out of my 1 year warranty for my comp
> Or
> Buy a secondary hard drive set it up as a slave and then boot linux on it
> Or
> Buy a USB connected external hard drive and set up linux on it.
> Advice me what to do. Any of the above steps would simply cost me
dearly. Is
> there any work around except for the
> live CD. I want Ubuntu installed on my system?

check with the ubuntu live-cd how the partitions are set up, it's
possible that the ubuntu-partition is still there

1) boot the ubuntu-live-cd
2) open up a terminal (-> Applications -> System tools)
3) type in : fdisk /dev/hda
4) to see the current partitions type : p
5) to quit type : q

if the ubuntu-partition is still there, try one of the methods here :


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the mentioned HP-helpdesk needs some more training imho
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grtjs, albi
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