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Jayasimha Yerramilli jayasimha.yerramilli at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 10:56:22 UTC 2005

I just had a single partition on my comp of C: 70 GB
To have multiple partitions on my comp I have to remove WINDOWS boot into
DOS and create partitions and then
install Windows again which I fear I cannot do.

A Linux Book suggested using Partition Magic without having to do the above
stated process and still create partitions.

Once I was warned by the HP Technical Support not to install any other OS on
my HP comp or else I would lose the
recovery drive of 377MB.

So I did a disk defragmentation and then using Partition Magic I created a
9.9GB for Linux and installed Ubuntu using
the CD.

The installation happened very well and I just had to reboot and create a
user account for my login. After reboot a disaster
struck the HP recovery started. I recovered my system and I was back to
square1. I reinstalled my Windows OS.
Because of this my NVIDIA graphics card my webcam and printers were impaired
since I did put the correct CD but donno
what happened.

Now Ubuntu does not show up at all anywhere.

One of my friends told me that HP, IBM, APPLE write their own boot sequence

Now I am out of my 1 year warranty for my comp
Buy a secondary hard drive set it up as a slave and then boot linux on it
Buy a USB connected external hard drive and set up linux on it.

Advice me what to do. Any of the above steps would simply cost me dearly. Is
there any work around except for the
live CD. I want Ubuntu installed on my system?

Jayasimha Yerramilli
Technical Support Engineer, MKS Inc.
Bangalore 9880381405
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