No sound with vlc mozilla plugin

Thomas Beckett thomas.beckett at
Tue Oct 4 09:37:40 UTC 2005

> As I said in a post earlier my problems begun after changing my
> motherboard and my cpu. The thing is that my new motherboard has a
> nforce chip (5.1 soundcard on it) and another one on board. I am using
> an old PCI SB Live! As a result I realised that the second soundcard
> took the burden of playing the audio I was expecting from my SB Live!.
> DUH!!!!
> So the big question now is "how do I direct the plugin output to my PCI
> card?"

This is a common problem for people with 2 sound devices such as an
onboard sound chip and a better pci sound card that they added.
Unfortunately there is a lot of mess to sift through when searching
for ways to specify the primary card. In Breezy you can select which
card is primary, but this only applies to gnome and esd applications (
I think). If you want other sounds to use the pci card you can
configure it to be the primary card in the alsa and oss configs. I did
this in hoary but when i reinstalled to try breezy I forgot to save my
configs. I found it much easier to simply disable the onboard sound
chip in the bios - my soundblaster is then set as primary when i boot.
so if you dont use the onboard chip then simply turn it off in the
bios or add its module name to /etc/modules.blacklist (same effect)


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