No sound with vlc mozilla plugin

'Forum Post ulist at
Mon Oct 3 15:31:35 UTC 2005

Before trying to setup mplayer with firefox I gave it another try, but
this time I started firefox from a console to see the output. 

I got this :

    [00000278] access_mms access: selecting stream[0x1] audio (31 kb/s)

  [00000278] access_mms access: connection sucessful


I also noticed that my network applet said that there was some

As I said in a post earlier my problems begun after changing my
motherboard and my cpu. The thing is that my new motherboard has a
nforce chip (5.1 soundcard on it) and another one on board. I am using
an old PCI SB Live! As a result I realised that the second soundcard
took the burden of playing the audio I was expecting from my SB Live!.


So the big question now is "how do I direct the plugin output to my PCI


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