No sound with vlc mozilla plugin

'Forum Post ulist at
Mon Oct 10 16:28:24 UTC 2005

> This is a common problem for people with 2 sound devices such as an

> onboard sound chip and a better pci sound card that they added.

In my case there are 3!!! I ve got a PCI Soundblaster Live! card, the
5.1 nforce2 chip and another simple onboard soundcard. I can disable
the nforce chip (found no such option in the bios menu). When I tried
to disable the other onboard card ubuntu fell completely silent. I
guess I sould reconfigure alsa or something.

> In Breezy you can select which card is primary, but this only applies to
> gnome and esd applications ( I think).

So I guess this feature is not availiable in Hoary. I 'll soon upgrade
so I'll look for it.

> If you want other sounds to use the pci card you can

> configure it to be the primary card in the alsa and oss configs.

Could you be a bit more specific, or point a related thread in the

>  or add its module name to /etc/modules.blacklist (same effect)

In case I try to use this alternative, how can I find the module names?


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