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Mon Oct 3 20:31:30 UTC 2005

ppp0 refers to dial-up or telephone modem based connection. eth0 is 
generally your ethernet connection, although depending on your wireless 
card it could also show up as an eth(0-9) entry. It could also show up 
as wlan(0-9).

Just a guess, but I would say ubuntu found your modem and your ethernet 
interface but was unable to configure your wireless interface. Give us 
some more details, what type of wireless card is it (pci, pcmcia, built 
in to a laptop, etc), who makes it, what model number, what chipset, etc?


Robert Cagle wrote:

> I have just installed Ubuntu Linux and am having trouble going on-line 
> with either of the programs included.
> Your Help indicates the presents a choice of 2 different systems to 
> activate in order to get on-line with Ubuntu. There is "eth0" for a 
> wired connection and "eth1" for a wireless connection. In reality, on 
> my copy of Ubuntu, only "ppp0" and "eth0" are offered. As I  use a 
> wireless connection I cannot specify the option of "eth1". Could this 
> be my problem with failure to connect? Do I have an obsolete version 
> of Ubuntu?      rcagle

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