nfs timeout

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Sat Oct 1 01:47:43 UTC 2005

holiday wrote:

>> I'm having trouble with nfs mounts using breezy.


> >Attempts to access mounted directories hang and then

> >after a minute or so fail with message "Input Output Error"


>>dmesg gives

>> nfs: server not responding, timed out


> >but I can ssh to the server


> >firewall on server is wide open


>Try installing portmap. Once you do that try 'sudo lsof -i' and you

>should see portmap running on sunrpc. It is needed on the server and

>recommended on the client(speeds up mounting). Other than that you

>should be good.

Thanks for your reply.

root at ubuntu:/home/stephen# lsof -i | grep portmap

portmap   6519  daemon    3u  IPv4   7969       UDP *:sunrpc

portmap   6519  daemon    4u  IPv4   7970       TCP *:sunrpc (LISTEN)

[root at sroom stephen]# lsof -i | grep portmap

portmap   2473     rpc    3u  IPv4   2651       UDP *:sunrpc

portmap   2473     rpc    4u  IPv4   2654       TCP *:sunrpc (LISTEN)

The mount succeeds. root_squash operates correctly after the mount so I
assume it's a fair mount.

The difficulty is when I try to access a mounted directory.

stephen at ubuntu:~$ ls sroom

ls: reading directory sroom: Input/output error

$ dmesg


[ 1400.147273] nfs: server sroom not responding, timed out

There is this snip from tcpdump while trying to access the 

mounted directory:

Any idea what the  'oui unknown' is about? I don't see anything about
it in the man pages and Google  is not much help.

18:39:43.820000 IP > sroom.localdomain.nfs:
144 getattr [|nfs]

18:39:43.822543 IP sroom.localdomain.nfs >
reply ok 112 getattr DIR 40700 ids 1000/1000 [|nfs]

18:39:43.849708 IP > sroom.localdomain.nfs:
148 access [|nfs]

18:39:43.853050 IP sroom.localdomain.nfs >
reply ok 120 access c 2e736f2e

18:39:43.907165 IP > sroom.localdomain.nfs:
168 readdirplus [|nfs]

18:39:43.912709 IP sroom.localdomain.nfs >
reply ok 1472 readdirplus

18:39:43.915639 IP sroom.localdomain > udp

18:39:44.606424 IP > sroom.localdomain.nfs:
168 readdirplus [|nfs]

18:39:44.612076 IP sroom.localdomain.nfs >
reply ok 1472 readdirplus

18:39:44.615348 IP sroom.localdomain > udp

18:39:46.006211 IP > sroom.localdomain.nfs:
168 readdirplus [|nfs]

18:39:46.013225 IP sroom.localdomain.nfs >
reply ok 1472 readdirplus

18:39:46.016514 IP sroom.localdomain > udp

18:39:48.805784 IP > sroom.localdomain.nfs:
168 readdirplus [|nfs]

18:39:48.811398 IP sroom.localdomain.nfs >
reply ok 1472 readdirplus

18:39:48.814295 IP sroom.localdomain > udp

18:39:48.818761 arp who-has sroom.localdomain tell

18:39:48.820395 arp reply sroom.localdomain is-at 00:10:dc:25:6d:5e
(oui Unknown)


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