Accessing the Tomcat Web app running on my Windows machine

Tony Ayre localzuk at
Wed Nov 23 15:27:16 UTC 2005

> Normally you hostname will be looked up in a local file, if its not  
> found then DNS is queried. In windows, its "C:/Windows/System/ 
> hosts", I think. In Linux, its in /etc/hosts. So if you want to  
> access your Windows PC by using its hostname then add a line to  
> your /etc/hosts file. Like this, where is the IP  
> address of your Windows machine:
>     localhost.localdomain localhost
>   xpc-sn25p

Just a correction for the Windows line. It is in c:\windows\system32 
\drivers\etc\hosts - convoluted I know.

Tony Ayre
localzuk at

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