Accessing the Tomcat Web app running on my Windows machine

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Nov 23 17:31:32 UTC 2005

Tony Ayre wrote:

>> Normally you hostname will be looked up in a local file, if its not
>> found then DNS is queried. In windows, its "C:/Windows/System/
>> hosts", I think. In Linux, its in /etc/hosts. So if you want to
>> access your Windows PC by using its hostname then add a line to
>> your /etc/hosts file. Like this, where is the IP
>> address of your Windows machine:
>>     localhost.localdomain localhost
>>   xpc-sn25p
> Just a correction for the Windows line. It is in c:\windows\system32
> \drivers\etc\hosts - convoluted I know.

Note, that if you have a home network with a router of any kind, you should
be able to set it up so that the router knows the local host names and adds
them to it's own DNS table, then there's nothing convoluted at all.

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