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Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Wed Nov 16 09:17:47 UTC 2005

Sarangan Thuraisingham schrieb am 16.11.2005 00:47:

> Troy Piggins wrote:
>>I have xsane working fine, but it only gives options to save to
>>tiff, jpeg, and ps etc.  I mostly scan to pdf format these days.  I
>>ended up having to use gimp on a windows machine to print a jpeg
>>image to a pdf creater print driver.
> You could do the same with Linux. Open the image file in pdf and print 
> to file ''. Then, run 'ps2pdf output.pdf'. I tested 
> it and it works. Few problems though, ps2pdf assumes that ps is meant 
> for standard paper size. So in the converted pdf file you get margins. 
> This is not the case in the original ps file though.

There's a perl script pdfcrop on CTAN[1] that can help you with this
(at least an option for those that already have installed teTeX ...).


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