Wireless works too well! var: wrt54gs dd-firmware

Harry Wert hwert at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 12 00:37:09 UTC 2005

Phillip Sc. Boegh wrote:

>Hi Ubuntus
>Yes: Wireless works too well in distance AND it does not work et all for
>wireless network!?
>While running wds at a wrt54gs Linksys router I can recognize signal at
>least 50 meters through 5 layer of concrete walls, which is fine for the
>signal. However even accepting total free access to all all wireless
>adapters or laptop born recievers I get the report "access denied" both in
>windows and in Linux?
>Any clues are most wellcome!
>Using the a cisco router and dd-firmware on the wrs54gs router - that
>accept wds.
>>Harry Wert wrote:
>>>After much experimenting and testing, I am finally able to use the
>>>Linksys WUSB54G with Breezy - thanks to ndiswrapper.  However I have one
>>>unexpected problem and another which I am just beginning to troubleshoot.
>>>First the problem:  Even though I issue a "iwconfig wlan0 essid linksys
>>>channel 6", my computer locks on to my neighbor across the street named
>>>"bruce". To log onto my router "linksys" I need to run wlassistant and
>>>select "linksys".  This works fine EXCEPT, I drop my linksys connection
>>>randomly and resync back onto "bruce" ( he is on channel 1).  At the
>>>moment neither "bruce" or "linksys" are using encryption until I get
>>>this figured out.  By the way, my wireless signal from my router
>>>"linksys" is many time stronger than the signal I get from my neighbor
>>>"bruce" - for whatever value that may have for this discussion.  Has
>>>anyone else experienced a problem such as this?  I have struck out using
>>>the various search engines and Ubunti wiki.  Any suggestions are greatly
>>>appreciated.  Is there anyway to issue a "deny bruce" command anywhere?
>>>Harry Wert
>>Thanks for all the feedback.  Everything is working properly now without
>>exception, but with clarification.  Here are my findings:
>>1) Found my Linksys 54G router was refusing to accept input from my LAN
>>laptop - randomly.
>>    Solution: Specifically entered my laptop MAC address in the router
>>and marked it accessible.
>>2) Had to "kill" my eth0 port with the laptop BIOS to avoid interfering
>>with the wlan0 when wlan0 is activated during the boot process.
>>3) The approximately 30 second link interruption was cause by a program
>>called wlassistant which was programmed to interrogate the link
>>connection at 30 second intervals.
>>     Solution: set interrogation interval to 3600 seconds.
>>4) The problem of selecting "Bruce", my neighbor was traced to a program
>>called "network-manager".  This program is a crond program which scans
>>the network automatically anytime connection to the router is dropped
>>for any reason. Then the FIRST valid connection becomes my laptop link
>>attachment.  Since "Bruce" is the only other source within my wireless
>>laptop WUSB54G range when this occurs, I'm happily connected BUT WITH NO
>>INDICATION IT HAS OCCURRED.  The only clue I receive is an inability to
>>print to my LAN printer which is ABSENT from my neighbor's
>>configuration. (He doesn't use a LAN printer.)
>>    Solution: removed the "network-manager" program.
>>For those concerned about my choice of using my router address as
>>"linksy" when half the World..... , my choice was intentional for the
>>very reasons mentioned in some of the responses I received. I wanted the
>>system to be loose as a Goose to assist in detecting problems and
>>consequently assist in solving them.  It has subsequently  been renamed.
>>My sincere "Thanks" to all who took time to read and respond to my
>>initial email - you assisted in speeding up the debug process.  I hope
>>this communication will be helpful to others as well.
>>Accolade's and congratulations for a job well-done to the ndiswrapper
>>team, and Ubuntu for creating such a fine product.
>>Harry Wert
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Sounds as if the router is blocking.  Suggest entering the router setup
and VERY carefully checking all security sections making certain ALL
security options are disabled - even if you are positive they are
correct. It only takes one setting to cause your problem.  I am
especially suspicious since it doesn't work under Windows.  Once you get
it working you can then carefully add back security options minus the
one causing the problem.  Based on what you have told me I don't thing
it is either a Windows or Linux problem.  Good luck.

Harry Wert

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