In working on installing Cab Extract, Install Problem

Tim Frost timfrost at
Thu Nov 10 05:12:14 UTC 2005

Wade, Lionel,

gcc-base is  NOT the compiler. It is just a precursor package. There are
two versions of gcc that are standard for breezy:
gcc-4.0 (version = 4.0.1) is the default compiler
gcc-3.4 (version = 3.4.4) is needed to build kernel modules

I would just install gcc-4.0 to build Cab Extract. You may also need to
add the g++ compiler, g++-4.0, if the code is C++ rather than just C.
Installation of the compiler will also install packages that it depends
on, if those packages aren't already installed.

Hope this helps


On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 12:39 +1000, Lionel wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
> > 11092005 1940 GMT-5
> > 
> > I was going to install gcc but I see that I already have gcc-4.0-base 
> > installed. Dont I have the compiler?
> I'm guessing here, but you could perhaps modify configure to look for 
> gcc-4.0. Otherwise install the gcc compiler. If you have a look in 
> synaptic you will see there is gcc, gcc-4.0 and a couple of others, 
> install gcc and you problem should be solved.
> Lionel.

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