Another Unofficial UbuntuGuide?

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Tue Nov 8 01:11:25 UTC 2005

Both the Official Documentation and Unofficial UbuntuGuide are
important. Both has the same primary purpose as a source of reference,
but have different secondary purpose. The Official Documentation is
more towards details and group collaboration. While the Unofficial
UbuntuGuide is more towards quick-fix without knowing the hows and

Both has its own strenghts and weaknesses. Both can learn a lot from
one another. But that doesn't mean one has to copy the other. For
example, eventhough is should strive for ease of use and simplicity the
Official Documentation shouldn't be as simple as the Unofficial

On the other hand, the Unofficial UbuntuGuide could have hyperlinks
(where possible), pointing to the more detailed instructions at the
Official Documentation. And perhaps be clearer about it's support of
unofficial repos so that new users are more aware of the risk.

Ubuntu is still very young and things in the Ubuntu ecosystem (wiki,
guide, documentation, forum, irc) are still babies. I'm sure as time
goes by we will learn a lot from each other and evolve into a kick-ass
GNU/Linus distro-community. A little friction/conflict here and there
is normal in any new organisation or setup. And a bit of bickering here
and there is healthy I guess... to serve as pressure release valve. But
let it not cloud our mind from seeing the bigger picture making Ubuntu
a first class OS experience.

Did I make everyone fall asleep? ;p sorry about the little speech...
just kinda worried about the above average "negative enegery" felt
around here this week. Now... where's my towel?? hhmm... shower time.

Buffalo Soldier

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