Another Unofficial UbuntuGuide?

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Mon Nov 7 22:57:36 UTC 2005

wolfchri Wrote: 
> Folks,
> I followed the discussion around the Unofficial Ubuntuguide because I
> wanted the author to add help for users such as me with screens that
> are not being detected by Ubuntu. The author seems to be sick so the
> project is on hold I understand. 
> May I tell you my experience with the official dokumentation in the
> wiki before I ask to add my tipps for users like me with older screens:
> 1. Please fix the certificate problem with the wiki. It keeps asking
> for a certificate. That is the first thing that deters newbies - and
> they are one of your target group. 
> 2. Basic help first - why do I need to go through 3 menus in order to
> reach the official guide?
> 3. What the heck do you think is interesting in a one page long version
> list on top of the guide???? People need help, not information how this
> guide developed. So please put that on the end of the guide - it is the
> last thing somebody looking for information wants to see.
> 4. Please consider changing the format of the guide - the Unofficial
> guide is (well, was) so extremely helpful because it is so easy to
> read, all on one glance. The Wiki is not easy to read. Please simply
> copy the appearance of the Unofficial guide, the newbies will thank you
> so much. 
> 5. Please finally add information on how to get a decent screen refresh
> rate on systems where the screen has not been autodetected. Feel free to
> copy my how-to or modify it, but put it in the hardware section or the
> tipps&tricks section of the guide.
> Thank you very much for your time and consideration - please keep in
> mind that Ubuntu bug #1 can only be fixed if we take care of the
> newbies. You are writing the guide FOR THEM! Try to think like them,
> and if you cant because you forgot how it was when you started Linux,
> ask one of your mates that still use that evil software :-)
> The current Wiki and all the FAQs and guides and fridges and stuff are
> great ideas but are overwhelming for newbies. It is maybe too much. the
> Unofficial Guide kept it easy, kept it simple. That is what helps most.


I mostly agree with everything you say except for the certificate issue
- which I completely totally agree with.  I struggled with the PGP for
about a week - four months ago and assumed that I must be doing
something wrong.  I assumed that anyone who couldn't figure out
certification was not worthy for the wiki.

This maybe true, but at least I am not alone.:sad:


(I think they still hate me here)


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