Another Unofficial UbuntuGuide?

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Mon Nov 7 22:07:43 UTC 2005


I followed the discussion around the Unofficial Ubuntuguide because I
wanted the author to add help for users such as me with screens that
are not being detected by Ubuntu. The author seems to be sick so the
project is on hold I understand. 

May I tell you my experience with the official dokumentation in the
wiki before I ask to add my tipps for users like me with older

1. Please fix the certificate problem with the wiki. It keeps asking
for a certificate. That is the first thing that deters newbies - and
they are one of your target group. 

2. Basic help first - why do I need to go through 3 menus in order to
reach the official guide?

3. What the heck do you think is interesting in a one page long version
list on top of the guide???? People need help, not information how this
guide developed. So please put that on the end of the guide - it is the
last thing somebody looking for information wants to see.

4. Please consider changing the format of the guide - the Unofficial
guide is (well, was) so extremely helpful because it is so easy to
read, all on one glance. The Wiki is not easy to read. Please simply
copy the appearance of the Unofficial guide, the newbies will thank you
so much. 

5. Please finally add information on how to get a decent screen refresh
rate on systems where the screen has not been autodetected. Feel free to
copy my how-to or modify it, but put it in the hardware section or the
tipps&tricks section of the guide.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration - please keep in
mind that Ubuntu bug #1 can only be fixed if we take care of the
newbies. You are writing the guide FOR THEM! Try to think like them,
and if you cant because you forgot how it was when you started Linux,
ask one of your mates that still use that evil software :-)

The current Wiki and all the FAQs and guides and fridges and stuff are
great ideas but are overwhelming for newbies. It is maybe too much. the
Unofficial Guide kept it easy, kept it simple. That is what helps most.


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