Xorg Mem issues....

Ryan Escarez ryan.escarez at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 15:45:21 UTC 2005

On 11/4/05, Charles E. Rick Taylor, IV <rick at rickandpatty.com> wrote:
> On a machine with 1 *GB* RAM?  That's nuts.

there's no such thing as "nuts" while doing an isolation even if you
have a morethan TERABYTE of RAM.

>There's probably a memory
> leak somewhere.  I recently put Breezy on my wife's laptop (with an
> older Radeon).  Since she basically never shuts the machine down
> (hibernates only), I'll see if she notices the same kind of problems.
> Her machine's only got 640M, so she should notice is pretty quickly. :)

the OP did'nt mention if he upgrade or clean install to breezy. trying
different wm is part of the isolation or a first step on why that
problem happened. Downloading wm probably cheaper than the 1 GB RAM,
unless the OP using a lowtech connection. Does the OP did something
already to know what really the problem cause?

> One tip - Mozilla is noticeably faster than Firefox for web browsing on
> her machine.  Not really sure why, except that the same Firefox slowness
> relative to Mozilla also occurs in Fedora (which is what's on my
> laptop).

why not just try links and mutt just to make sure ;p


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