Creating a NAT with one eth interface

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Mon May 30 00:04:25 UTC 2005

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> In your original post you didn't mention the address scope of your DHCP 
> server, but did mention the second IP for the server (eth0:0) should be 

oops :)

> 1. Is this eth0:0 address on the same network as the DHCP addresses?  If 
> not, you'll need to add some routes.

hmm, everything (3 PCs and the DSL Modem) is connected to the same switch

> 2. What is the internal IP of the DSL router?  Most routers default to the
> 1st IP in their network which is usually 192.168.??.1.  If you've assigned
> your server address to be the same as your DSL router, then no wonder 
> you're having problems.  All IP's on the network MUST be unique.  Change 
> one of the conflicting addresses.

Ok, the DSL Modem gives out up to 5 IPs, they go from to 233,
IIRC. The LAN has the IPs, I actually did switch them again,
before they where


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