Creating a NAT with one eth interface

James Gray james at
Sun May 29 23:40:32 UTC 2005

On Mon, 30 May 2005 08:40 am, Luis Murillo wrote:
> OK, now this is wierd, I can't get it to work :S
> I have tried what has been mentioned on this list, I even rebooted the
> machine, switched the IP address and still can't get out.
> I have also been trying with different scripts and similar stuff I have
> read on the Internet, I even installed Firestarter (which I think it's
> even better than before :) )
> So if anyone can give me a script or something similar I think this is
> going nowhere :(
> I even enabled ip_forward on IPv6, even though I don't use it atm :|
> I have enabled all traffic from anywhere and executed the commands and
> nothing.

In your original post you didn't mention the address scope of your DHCP 
server, but did mention the second IP for the server (eth0:0) should be

1. Is this eth0:0 address on the same network as the DHCP addresses?  If 
not, you'll need to add some routes.

2. What is the internal IP of the DSL router?  Most routers default to the 
1st IP in their network which is usually 192.168.??.1.  If you've assigned 
your server address to be the same as your DSL router, then no wonder 
you're having problems.  All IP's on the network MUST be unique.  Change 
one of the conflicting addresses.


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