[Hoary] Fonts in Openoffice

Winston at Ubuntulinux Winston at Ubuntulinux
Sun May 29 19:15:10 UTC 2005

On Sun, 29 May 2005 00:37:35 -0700
Ed Fletcher <ed at fletcher.ca> wrote:

> I've been somewhat unhappy with the fonts in Openoffice.  Not so much
> with what is available for the document, but the fonts used in the
> menus.

We are talking about fonts used in documents and not OO.o itself.

>  I saw in another thread this line:
> | Fonts in /usr/share/openoffice should be recognized by all versions
> | of OpenOffice.

My bad. The correct directory should be
/usr/share/fonts/truetype/openoffice . I've done it and it works. I have
1.1.3 on Horay64.

> I've looked in Synaptic to see if there are any fonts that can be
> added to Openoffice and it mentions that 'msttcorefonts' is available,
> however this package is not listed by Synaptic.

Mine do. I just looked at it. Make sure you have "multiverse" enabled.
IIRC, those documents mentioned to have "universe" enabled but the
package is NOT in "universe" but rather in "multiverse". Look in
Miscellaneous --> Graphical (multiverse) and the msttcorefonts are

> I'm not sure
> that all of the above steps are for the menus fonts vice the document
> fonts.

Here, I'm talking about user issues with what fonts we can use. If you
are looking to find a way to change OO.o's appearance, then I have no
idea. On my setup, the fonts look fine to me. I have no reason to
beautify the fonts unless they are really really distorting. Other than
that, just give me pretty documents I create and I'm happy. :-)

> Just OOo that looks wonky.

I poked around a bit but can't seem to find how to change OO.o's fonts
settings (at least for menu and stuff). Sorry.

HTH a little.


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