Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Paul M. Bucalo ubuntuser at
Fri May 27 21:59:29 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 17:08 -0400, Eric S. Johansson wrote:

> I use keynote but am switching to notecase for my writing.  I find it 
> helpful to be able to collect info in different bins.  but these tools 
> are not quiet good enough.
> for example, I'm working on a story about rovers and humans on mars 
> being spirit guides to each other.  I need to collect lots of info on 
> mars missions, create realistic time lines etc.. if a tool can help with 
> that process or collecting and organizing writing, gimme!

Hmmm...this may help:

The free version for Linux is at:

I have used this free-form database for some time on Linux and Windows.
The free version is quite limited, a little slower on Linux than
Windows, not as complex or robust as askSam, but it does an adequate job
of keeping bits of information in organized categories. I think as a
writer's aide, it's pretty good...and it's FREE. :0) If you try it and
like it, the Pro version might be the better choice for professional

> but writing aside, I need NaturallySpeaking or some equivelent.  the old 
> viavoice for linux was the best of the lot and it was a piece of s***. 
> mebby someday wine will be able to handle the oddball installer used by NS.

Another area, to be sure, that needs someone(s) with experience to
produce a better answer in Linux. 

I doubt that Wine will provide any help in running NaturallySpeaking any
time in the near future. There's some pressure on them from M$ for
emulating their O/S without licensing. If you look at the progress they
have made in the past year or so, in comparison to Crossover, for
instance, they appear to be almost at a halt. It's probably going to be
a commercial manipulation of Wine that will allow us to run the Windows
as we need to stick with, not Wine, per se.

I have had some luck with Crossover in running Win apps not listed as
approved. One app that if it could run in Crossover would make my life
bliss is Maximizer. It's not a problem getting the  app to install, but
in getting the btrieve front-end to speak to the Pervasive SQL database
back-end using ODBC. <sigh> Oh, well...


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