Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Wed May 25 22:41:53 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 00:15 +0200, Bernhard wrote:
> I just want to add one little point to this (very interesting) discussion.
> Some weeks ago, I had to set up a dual-boot system with windows and
> ubuntu on my sister's acer laptop.
> Installing a fresh Windows system on this notebook was infact quite
> challenging. Given a Win-Xp CD, I had to manually install drivers for
> the graphic-card, lan/wlan, sound, touchpad,.... Not to bad if you're
> familar with this stuff, but quite difficult if the standard resolution
> before installing the appropriate graphics driver is about 300*something.
> On the other hand, a fresh hoary install was (almost) perfect. Graphics,
> lan, sound,.. worked out of the box, only wlan gave (gives) me some
> problems. Furthermore, I had to resolve the multimedia (mp3) things...
> To make a long story short. I think that the average user may be quite
> happy with a default hoary install compared to a Win-Xp install. I
> really believe that (some) linux-distributions (eg. ubuntu) are easier
> to handly for the average pc-user as Win-Xp.

You make an excellent point. I experience the same issues if I install
Windows 98, 2000 and/or XP. When an OS comes pre-packaged, people don't
see the difficulties involved.

Also, another point: if you set up Windows XP with max security, it's a
pain to browse the web. You wind up answer so many questions - and for
what? To create a white list of web sites.

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