Postfix / Client Incompatability

Christian info at
Wed May 25 17:09:39 UTC 2005

Lance Earl schrieb:
> I recently set up a server with Postfix and Courier. I

Me too ;-)
(but under Debian sarge: Postifx and Courier Imap)

> can log into the server and use mutt to check and send
> mail without any problems. I have installed
> Squirrelmail and it will send an email without a
> problem. When I try to check my mail, it reports that
> inbox is empty. I also set up Balsa and Evolution and
> they both have the same problem finding mail on the
> server. Both Evolution and Balsa will send mail with
> no issues. Squirrelmail, Evolution and Balsa all have
> the same problem checking mail.
> This leads me to beleive that their might be a problem
> with the Postfix configuration, but I cannot seem to
> figure out what the problem is.

Only a guess: Maybe a problem maildir vs. mbox?

Most of the MUAs are looking for new mail in the "standard" mailbox
under /var/mail/$USER, which is a mbox file. But Courier uses maildir


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