Barry Martz sendithere at
Thu May 12 01:08:59 UTC 2005

Hi.  I'm a windows user so please excuse the dumb questions.

How do I download a program (package) and load it?

I am using Synaptic Package Manager for getting packages.

 What I want to know is
if I find a program on the internet, do I have to save it to a certain
file area to UNZIP it and run the
Synaptic program? 

Do I have to use the text commands to open it? 

Are there programs I can't use with Ubuntu?

Here is an example, I am a ham radio operator and there is a
packetcluster program called CLX.
I went to the site, downloaded it to my desktop, and there I stand.  How
do I take that program,
unzip it and install it?  (am I windows or WHAT!)

Sorry for taking up time and space here but I really do want to learn
and this is REALLY foriegn
to me.



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