Blood Lesson WARNING re "WARTY" Install

Stephen R Laniel steve at
Mon May 9 14:48:44 UTC 2005

On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 10:24:18AM -0400, vailima wrote:
> I suggest this as "WARTY" UBUNTU will destroy/write over/delete/remove ALL files currently on your hard drive. Unlike Mandrake, "WARTY" UBUNTU will NOT reside with another operating system on the same hard drive.

I don't have the Ubuntu installer right in front of me, but
I seriously doubt that it deletes your data without

As for not co-existing with another OS, a la Mandrake:
that's true, and was one of my favorite parts of Mandrake
(though I really hate the rest of the distro). If you have
Windows on your box, Mandrake will detect this and ask you
if you want to do a low-level reformat. Does anyone know
whether the Mandrake installer (or at least that part of it)
is open-sourced? Because Ubuntu and Debian really ought to
be using it. Despite the ease-of-use improvements in the
Sarge installer, it's still got nothing on the Mandrake

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