Safe for notebook ???

Ian M. Stewart ims at
Sun May 8 20:29:57 UTC 2005

Hi Alan,

> Is it "safe" 2 inst Ubuntu (as this will DELETE Windowxs XP).
That would depend on what you mean by "safe". Deleting WinXP will also 
delete all your data files on that hard drive, which you might not want 
to do. If you have _no_ experience of Linux at all, then you are going 
to find it a culture shock at least. Even the splendid Ubuntu has some 
things easier/better done on the command line, which you probably have 
not used ever, if you've grown up with Windows.

> Can I expect*/ better/* from Ubuntu i.e. DVD's,Net surfing,Burning etc?
> OR……is it pos 2 have XP & Ubuntu?
"better" is a subjective assessment, which others have addressed. If you 
are an experienced Windows user, then use the install disk to partition 
your drive and install Ubuntu as a dual boot with XP, then you can play 
with it and retreat if you need to. As a relative Linux newbie myself, I 
have to keep going back into Windows while I try to sort out problems I 
find in Ubuntu. Not all my hardware is running yet (problems with the 
scanner), and not even all tested yet. This may upset some of the 
evangelists on this list, but the jump into Linux is not easy without 
some help from others and a commitment to the learning process. On the 
other hand, if you don't use the notebook for anything, then go ahead 
and enjoy the experience.

Good luck



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