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René L. Reingard reingard at
Sun May 8 07:54:29 UTC 2005

Am Sun, 08 May 2005 02:41:47 +0300 schrieb ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY  
<zamb at>:

> On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 00:35 +0200, René L. Reingard wrote:
>> i installed TOTEM-xine as explained under:  
>> now, some DVD can be played and some DVD's are just detected as  
>> DVD-ROM's. these ones detected as DVD-ROM's
>> are videos my son has seen >> a hundred times before (using OGLE and  
>> VLC in Warty).

> Did you try force playing them in Totem?  (From Totem menu, choose "Play  
> Disc"). Also, if above didn't work, try
> browsing the DVD and dragging one of the large *.vob files to the Totem  
> menu and see if it plays or not.

>> could this have any other reason than the DVD player itself, like some  
>> wrong settings of the CD-Drive?

> Personally, I don't think so.  The fact that some DVDs plays fine and  
> others don't is the indication of other problem.
> If all the above didn't help, please post the error message Totem  
> displays when forcing it to play DVDs.

thanks Ziyad
there is no such thing like "forcing" possible, cause some DVD's are just  
detected as empty, browsing them shows nothing! i also did open in these  
cases TOTEM and choosed "Play Disc/DVD". nothing works. BUT NOW, one  
really strange thing i got to understand:
i do have a dual boot system (WIndows XP and Ubuntu HOARY). the windows  
partition got always nicely mounted in WARTY (Icon on the desktop AND in  
Nautilus). in Hoary it also gets mounted, i can browse the Windows  
Partition in Nautilus through. BUT it can happen, that after starting the  
computer, that the Windows Partition does not get its own ICON, neither in  
Nautilus NOR on the Desktop (--> still i can browse the partition through  
the mountpoint /media/windows). and now the strange thing: ONLY in the  
case when this Icon for the Windows Partition comes up, and it only comes  
up from time to time - how i do not know, my friend - , then the DVD is  
not detected as empty and i can open TOTEM, choose "Play CD/DVD" and the  
film goes well. still at this point, the autodetection (--> detecting DVD  
and open TOTEM automatically by default setting) on the CD-Drive does not  
work for these DVD's. and the CD-Drive shows himself as CD-ROM1 and dows  
not display the name of the film (as it does with other DVD's) and there  
is also no Icon of the Disk on the desktop (including name of the film) as  
it is with the others.
what couls that be??
something got shaked here? the Hoary upgrade two days ago just went fine.

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