Firefox blocks my firefox in hoary ubuntu

James Wilkinson ubuntu at
Tue May 3 12:26:31 UTC 2005

Christoph Bier wrote:
> I take the liberty to answer, because I have the same or at least a
> similar problem.
> No, the keyboard is dead, even num lock can't be activated anymore.
> No, it's a not systemwide crash, because it's possible to remote
> login via ssh and kill gdm. Then I can login again directly on the
> previously frozen machine. So, I think, in fact only the GUI,
> especially X was frozen.

An X crash.

Can you tell us:
 * which graphics card (and, crucially, which chipset) you have
 * which driver you are using: try
grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf
 * which architecture you're using (x86, Power, etc.)
 * whether the graphics connects via PCI, PCI Express, AGP, is
   integrated into the system chipset, or something else.


I believe a user program should never be able to crash the entire
console. If it can, that's an X driver bug in itself, and you needn't
look for an application bug...

I might be wrong on the technicalities there, but I don't think so. And
it smells like an X crash, anyway.

Hope this helps,

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