Install CD : RAID0 ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Mon May 2 16:39:33 UTC 2005

I just got a super dirty cheap crap second Linux box, on which I am
trying to experiment with RAID0.
I put 2 old 40GB IDE drives in it, each as master on their own IDE
controller, and am now trying to install Ubuntu on RAID0.
I boot the Hoary install CD, wipe all data and partitions off of both
drives, to start from a clean sheet so to speak.
Then I create a "Linux RAID" partition on each drive (using all the
available espace), then I select "Configure Software RAID", it creates a
RAID0 device which shows up in the partitionner. I select this
"partition", mount it as '/', then it writes the changes to disk, and
starts copying all the files  ("base system", then "remaining
packages"). It all seem sto go fine and I am so excited.. but then at
the end, when it tries to install GRUB, it fails ! But it gives no
details whatsoever, so I have no clue what it's unhappy about.

I decide to try my chance anyway, and reboot the machine, thinking it
won't boot. But GRUB does boot, however it hangs and prints "GRUB error

What am I doing wring ? Can the install CD really create a RAID0 Ubuntu
set-up from scratch, or does it require some prior manual prep work ?
Can it run on a RAID0 only set-up, or does it need a "normal" /boot
partition at the start of the disk, or anything ?

Thanks in advance...



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