Monitor not detected-can I report this?

bailout bailout_ubuntu at
Wed Mar 30 12:17:50 UTC 2005

Ubuntu completely failed to detect my monitor on installation. The main 
problem this caused was limiting me to 60hz. I have now solved this by 
manually editing my xorg.conf although I am worried this is only a fudge and 
would like to get full details of what settings to change.

However, I was a bit surprised that ubuntu didn't id the monitor as mdk 10 did 
so and the monitor is only 3-4 years old. Ubuntu seems to have a good 
reputation for hardware detection and I am wondering whether there is a way I 
can report its failure to detect my monitor so it can be added to the ubuntu 
hardware detect in future?

If there was a list of unsupported hardware established not only would it give 
a resource to ubuntu for future releases but it would help users who have the 
same problem.

My original post on the forums about it is here

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