Gubuntu (Portage in Ubuntu) :)

Maximilian Gerlach m at
Thu Mar 24 14:33:51 UTC 2005

> Please forgive my ignore Senectus, but what is "Portage" exactly ?
Please forgive my ignore answering your question although you addressed
Senectus ;)

> I did come across this word once or twice I think, but don't really know
> what it is. Is it Gentoo's way of adding new programs to the system,
> where you have no packages in repositories, but must spend hours and
> fortunes to hire a programmer to compile everything from source every
> time ?
Mhm - more or less :)
Portage is (in its function) similar to Debian's (and therefore
Ubuntu's) 'apt', but it downloads the programs (as source) not from a
repository, but from the 'original' place itself. Inside the
'ebuilds' (think of it as an equivalent of .deb files) somebody added
the dependencies of this program, a description, commands that take care
of compiling it properly, links to needed patches, and so on.

Any corrections from the (former?) gentoo users? :)


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