Warty and Hoary Installation Problem

David Heintz david.heintz at comhem.se
Sat Mar 19 09:27:49 UTC 2005


I downloaded the preview release of Hoary, as well as Warty, and tried to 
do a clean install on a Segate SATA drive (got the 386-versions for my 
Intel CPU). Things seems to be OK, unti the CD pops out, and the machine 
goes for a reboot. Here I get stuck at the GRUB prompt.

I tried typing "boot" only to get the reply "Error 8: Kernel must be 
loaded before booting". How to get pass this?

I recently had a working SuSE 9.2 system on the same HDD. Just formatted 
the drive to install Ubuntu instead. Thus things should be OK? Is it the
"normal" installation procedure to get this GRUB prompt, having to type 
"boot" to continue?

Help would be mostly appreciated!


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