How do I install on a second harddisk

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Sat Mar 19 00:18:04 UTC 2005

chris Wrote: 
> I have an 8GB hard drive with old version of redhat
> I have a brand new 160GB with 4 partitions.  I'd like to eventually 
> format what's now "hdb1" as a swap partition and instal ubuntu on 
> "hdb2" "hd3" and "hdb4" (the 4 partition set up: swap, root, user...). 
> Currently these are formatted as ext2, because the version of redhat I 
> have couldn't format them as riser or ext3.
> Do I need to "fake" a few files (as in use touch to create a few zero 
> byte files with specific names) so install can overwrite.  Or can I use
> install to write to the slave disk at all?
> Thanks,
> 	Chris
> In case you haven't guessed I'm pretty much of a newbie
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Regular install . It will ask you what to do in due time .
Here is the process:


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