No sound when playing .wmv files

ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at
Thu Mar 17 09:12:10 UTC 2005

Karl wrote:
> The .wmv files that I'm having problems with have been on my hard drives 
> for over a year, and they played fine on my Gentoo box (I used Xine and 
> w32codecs). When I switched to Ubuntu, I'd backed them up to CD. Now, I 
> have the problem with the lack of audio.
> I don't see how the change of distro could be the issue, as I'm using 
> the same software. This is what perplexes me.

Hi, and sorry for the delay...

Are you sure that w32codecs are installed correctly? (I don't have the 
.deb package myself!).  Try running the following in a shell and send 
the results back please:
	locate divxa32.acm
	mplayer -ac help | grep divxa32.acm
	mplayer -identify -frames 1 some_file.wmv
(of course, some_file.wmv would be one of those files you are having 
trouble with).

Again, sorry for the delay.

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