On-board sound versus dedicated/standalone sound card ???

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Tue Mar 8 07:02:32 UTC 2005

> The speakers also have a big effect on sound quality.  Unless you and 
> your friend both have the same speakers on your two systems, don't 
> overlook the possiblity that the speakers are making the difference.
> It would be a shame to replace the sound card only to find out that 
> the speakers were the real difference.

Huuu, I am glad I opened my mouth !!! Yes, indeed we have different
speakers ! I am just using the crap speakers built into my monitor, and
my friend uses his hi-fi system, good old Yamaha amplifier and
loudspeakers to match....

> Can you temporarily swap speakers with your friend?  

No way :o(

> Or if you have headphones, try the same pair on both systems?

Ahhh, yes, I can do that ! Let's try it ASAP :o)

Problem is, I could get an old SBLive for 3 Euros on Ebay, whereas
loudspearks are delicate things, need to be bought new, and cost
fortune ! LAst year I tried to build a hi-fi system. I hunted Ebay for a
Yam AX-590, and matching tuner and CD-player, but had to sell it soon
after, when I realised I could not afford to pay for the loudspeakers
good enough to go with it !!

I will try again later, when I have some money... not before a while
then, I am afraid ! ;-/


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