any KVMs known to work with Ubuntu?

bob k ulist at
Tue Mar 8 02:59:33 UTC 2005

Tony Wrote: 
> I have been using an IOGear Miniview USB KVM switch for a couple of
> years and it has worked with most operating systems, including many
> versions of Linux.  Occasionally if an operating system has been
> running for some time and I switch to it from another, it may fail to
> pick up either the USB keyboard or mouse.  Sometimes it can be
> corrected by cycling through the switch again, else I usually have to
> shutdown and reboot.  To avoiding hard rebooting, I usually have a
> ps/2 keyboard plugged directly to the motherboard.  I have had
> sporadic problems with USB KVM's and Knoppix type distros.
> I have had little problem with it and Ubuntu.
> On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 11:29:46 -0800, Ryan Thiessen
> <ryanthiessen at> wrote:
> > A friend of mine is having a hell of a time getting his KVM working
> > with Ubuntu.  He's tried the fixes posted on this list and others
> > including the psmouse proto=bare fix and the xf86config fix, neither
> > of which work.  He is looking to replace his ps/2 based setup with a
> > USB KVM switch.  Unfortunately there is no KVM category on the wiki
> > hardware database, so I don't know what to recommend or it will even
> > work.
> > 
> > So I'm wondering, is there anyone on this list using a USB kvm
> switch,
> > and does it work by default in warty and/or hoary?  If my friend
> could
> > have a known working setup that would help a lot.
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> > Cheers,
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I'm using a Trendnet 210k which is a 2 port kvm that 2 ps2 km and
analog video, it also has 2 USB connectors. I haven't had any problems
with this unit I don't use the USB that much, but I would get a kvm
with a power supply for the usb ports so it doesn't act like a hub, as
that will break some devices.

bob k

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