any KVMs known to work with Ubuntu?

Gavin Hemphill gavin.hemphill at
Mon Mar 7 21:45:10 UTC 2005

I'm using a belkin omniview pro kvm switch with ubuntu, red hat, 
Yellowdog, MacOX machines connected to it - some USB some PS/2.  The 
keyboard and mouse attached to the switch are PS/2.  Works reasonably 
well as long as you don't move the mouse when you are switching.

Ryan Thiessen wrote:

> A friend of mine is having a hell of a time getting his KVM working
> with Ubuntu.  He's tried the fixes posted on this list and others
> including the psmouse proto=bare fix and the xf86config fix, neither
> of which work.  He is looking to replace his ps/2 based setup with a
> USB KVM switch.  Unfortunately there is no KVM category on the wiki
> hardware database, so I don't know what to recommend or it will even
> work.
> So I'm wondering, is there anyone on this list using a USB kvm switch,
> and does it work by default in warty and/or hoary?  If my friend could
> have a known working setup that would help a lot.

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