I hate windows but i keep on comming back

Custom custom at freenet.de
Thu Jun 30 03:17:29 UTC 2005

Frederic Soulier wrote:

> Ok first I'm not trying to troll in any way. I meant in terms of
> buying a laptop and using it straight away.

Between my wife and me we own two laptops.  One was an HP/Compaq 
purchased with Mandrake pre-installed.  The other one also HP and came 
with Windows XP Pro.

Both were usable straight away. :)

(though installing Windows on the laptop that came with Mandrake was a 
bit tricky with the repartitioning. I hope Microsoft will address that 
issue so also novice users will be able to install their OS. :)

> - What is a new model laptop for you?

I'd wager that ANY HP or IBM laptop you buy will work fine with most 
flavours of Linux and especially SuSe and Ubuntu.

> - Have you bought these laptops based on their features or based on 
> hardware specs that is *potentially* well supported, like a Thinkpad?

Never even considered or checked if they'd run Linux; they just do and I 
never expected otherwise.  Maybe I would have checked if I was buying 
some Acer or Asus or BenQ or Sony or some other exotic laptop, but with 
HP or IBM I don't think you even need to give it a second thought.

> - What constitute "a _little_" work for you?

Turning it off, putting in the Ubuntu Cd and turning it back on again. 
Then follow the steps and indicate where you are and what languages 
you'd like to see.

> I never said Windows on a laptop was perfect ;) but for that matter 
> Ubuntu and linux distro in general are not perfect either... Sorry.

Well, it's entirely possible that our definitions of 'perfect' differ, 
but  let me just state that I see no difference in functionality or 
installation ease between my desktop computer (that I built myself using 
mostly Asus parts) and our laptops.

There's really not much difference between laptops or desktops.. If 
anything there's way more different components to be found on clone 
desktops compared to laptops, which are more likely to be some brand 
name using standardized parts.


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