I hate windows but i keep on comming back

Custom custom at freenet.de
Thu Jun 30 03:00:03 UTC 2005

Sean C Sieger wrote:

>> but on a laptop, Windows is way ahead.

> Of what? I have an identical pair of new model laptops, one running
> xp home and one running ubuntu 5.04 and with a _little_ work my one
> with ubuntu is way ahead of the one with xp.

Yeah, I found that a strange comment too.. I recently installed Ubuntu 
on a laptop and it recognized it was a laptop and installed the battery 
meter, power cable status indicator and such..  What else would I want? 
What else does Windows do when installing on laptops?  Perhaps the 
manufactorers supply some tools for making those silly and useless extra 
buttons work, that's about it. (Like, yes, I really need a shopping cart 
button and an 'i' button on my keyboard. God forbid I wouldn't be able 
to find the Compaq store website! ) :D


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