I hate windows but i keep on comming back

Serg Belokamen serg.belokamen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 03:12:55 UTC 2005

Actually 'i' button and 'email' button and all that crap works on
Linux just fine. That is both Linux and Windows need 3rd party
software to get it to work (AKA drivers). Only Windows needs drivers
from manufacturers, constant updates and crashes and freezes etc.
associated with it. Linux on the other hand only need a package like
'hotkeys' and then you can map any key to any application or any
action for that matter. So definately no MS advantage there.

On more general note, by default in my opinion both desktops dont look
like anything special. So its the question of how easy it is to
customise them. While on Windows you need to download all this crap
like theme engine ($ ching ching), and pay for any extra crap like say
post-it notes for your desktop (more cash out), Linux has all of this
by default. If thats not enough, KDE will let you download wallpapers
from wallpaper setup screen (dont use GNOME, so dont know what happens

On 30/06/05, Custom <custom at freenet.de> wrote:
> Sean C Sieger wrote:
> >> but on a laptop, Windows is way ahead.
> > Of what? I have an identical pair of new model laptops, one running
> > xp home and one running ubuntu 5.04 and with a _little_ work my one
> > with ubuntu is way ahead of the one with xp.
> Yeah, I found that a strange comment too.. I recently installed Ubuntu
> on a laptop and it recognized it was a laptop and installed the battery
> meter, power cable status indicator and such..  What else would I want?
> What else does Windows do when installing on laptops?  Perhaps the
> manufactorers supply some tools for making those silly and useless extra
> buttons work, that's about it. (Like, yes, I really need a shopping cart
> button and an 'i' button on my keyboard. God forbid I wouldn't be able
> to find the Compaq store website! ) :D
> Cheers,
> Chanchao
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