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Wed Jun 29 09:03:53 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 14:10 +0700, Chanchao wrote:

> Oh hold on, I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to run all those..
> But Ubuntu comes on one disc only, so they opt to include just one.
> Anyone is free to install one or more other package managers and call
> them what they like.  My issue is more for the first-time new user who
> just installed Ubuntu from CD, and how to best let that user download
> and install software.  One month down the road that user may opt to
> install aptitude.

Ubuntu's installation comes on one CD. Not whole main is on that CD. In
main, you have synaptic, kynaptic, dselect and aptitude. I think
Synaptic Package Manager is good choice, as is Kynaptic Package Manager
or Aptitude Package Manager. In early days of freedesktop's spec
integration in Gnome and KDE you had problem with Help button. Gnome and
KDE put their icon in the same place, with same name. That was stoopid
and Package Manager would produce pretty much same thing.

> I AM advocating naming and labeling things in Ubuntu in such a way
> that newbie users are likely to understand what they're for.

When I used Windows 3.1 and then tried CDE on Sun I was like "Hell,
where are all those windows?". After just few days I hated Windows 3.1
UI. Win95 UI was even worse. Only because I found CDE style much nicer
and friendlier. For example, I find stoopid to umount disks moving them
do trash (where is logic here?) or clicking button in system tray (I
allways get confused, what I do want to umount in Windows cause I have
3-4 devices attached, and they all are drives :). Right click on device
that you want to umount is just perfect logic and the way to go.

> Ok then. :-)  Not sure if there's  'tool-tip' or another kind of
> description that's visible when users like the one who started this
> topic browser the menus..  As long as new users understand what its
> for then that's fine.

Move your mouse on synaptic in menu, and wait for 0.5 seconds. It will
tell you what the program does.

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