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Wed Jun 29 07:10:59 UTC 2005

Hello Ante,

Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 1:40:31 PM, you wrote:

>> Would be nice if they were though. How many different graphical
>> installers does an operating system really need? I'm perfectly happy
>> with Ubuntu picking the one they consider the most appropriate, and
>> then referring to it by what it does.

AK> So, you are happy with synaptic?

Yes. Never tried anything else, as it does the job.

AK> KDE fans will adore kynaptic. I love aptitude, and all hard-core
AK> debian users can't live without dselect. Why would we adopt app
AK> that you, me or anybody else likes, and drop all others?

Oh hold on, I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to run all those..
But Ubuntu comes on one disc only, so they opt to include just one.
Anyone is free to install one or more other package managers and call
them what they like.  My issue is more for the first-time new user who
just installed Ubuntu from CD, and how to best let that user download
and install software.  One month down the road that user may opt to
install aptitude.

(Or the other way around, I'm also perfectly fine with Ubuntu
including aptitude, still indicate in some way what it's for, and
don't include Synaptic)

AK> Lot of posts here are about Windows ans MacOSX way. Every new users
AK> wants <put any distro here> to look and feel like Windows or MacOSX. Why
AK> do they swtich then? Cause of free (as in beer) software?

I know.  I'm NOT advocating to make Ubuntu ook or feel like either of
them just for the sake of being the same.  Like in another post
someone wanted to eject a disc after dragging the disc icon onto the
trashcan..  That would be a good example of making something similar
to MacOS even though it makes no sense, just for the sake of being

I AM advocating naming and labeling things in Ubuntu in such a way
that newbie users are likely to understand what they're for.

AK> In KDE you have option of displaying menu as "Function (name of
AK> program)" or "Function" or "Name of program". Try KDE then.

..It's not about me..  It's about humanity. :-)

I have no opinion on KDE other than that some seriously good software
seems to require it. (K3B comes to mind)

>> they are. I think we all agree an effort is needed to make Linux
>> (Ubuntu) less cryptic. New users can't be expected to know what
>> 'Synaptic' is for, or even what a 'package' is and why these should be
>> 'managed' or even what this 'managing' process involves. Call the
>> thing "Get more programs!" I say. :)

AK> If Package managmend is to foggy for them, do you really think Program
AK> will sound much better? :)

Marginally so, yes.. Because also non-computer users may have heard
the term 'computer software' or 'computer program' before.  With
'package' I'm not so sure.

AK> And there are
AK> many other ways you can Get Program, that synaptic doesn't support -
AK> binary programs, source builds, etc... Package Manager is the best name,
AK> cause it trully describes it's function.

Ok then. :-)  Not sure if there's  'tool-tip' or another kind of
description that's visible when users like the one who started this
topic browser the menus..  As long as new users understand what its
for then that's fine.


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