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Wed Jun 29 06:40:31 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 12:19 +0700, Chanchao wrote:

> Not really. Windows calls it 'Add or remove programs'. I opted for
> 'Get or remove progtams'. "getting" software from a main repository is
> Ubuntu way of thinking, going to a shop, buying and adding and
> registering the software is windows. :)

No comment.

> Would be nice if they were though. How many different graphical
> installers does an operating system really need? I'm perfectly happy
> with Ubuntu picking the one they consider the most appropriate, and
> then referring to it by what it does.

So, you are happy with synaptic? KDE fans will adore kynaptic. I love
aptitude, and all hard-core debian users can't live without dselect. Why
would we adopt app that you, me or anybody else likes, and drop all

> It's not about Windows at all.. Yes it seems Windows has a control
> panel for adding or removing software. They even named it wrong
> because who actually uses it to ADD software? It's mostly used to
> remove it. But anyway, that's of no concern. The thing that Ubuntu
> included to get and remove software I think should be called by what
> it does.

Lot of posts here are about Windows ans MacOSX way. Every new users
wants <put any distro here> to look and feel like Windows or MacOSX. Why
do they swtich then? Cause of free (as in beer) software?

In KDE you have option of displaying menu as "Function (name of
program)" or "Function" or "Name of program". Try KDE then.

> Actually, all things in the system administration menu / preferences
> meny should be called by what they do, and mostly they are. Synaptic
> is just a bit of an exception.

It isn't. It's "Synaptic Package Manager". Don't know about you, but to
me it sounds pretty straigtforward. I agree with you that all entrys in
Administration are function specific, except synaptic.

> There's nothing "windows" about giving things a name based on what

I didn't say it's Windows like. I said it isn't Linux like. Acctually, I
was wrong, better to say is - it isn't Gnome way.

> they are. I think we all agree an effort is needed to make Linux
> (Ubuntu) less cryptic. New users can't be expected to know what
> 'Synaptic' is for, or even what a 'package' is and why these should be
> 'managed' or even what this 'managing' process involves. Call the
> thing "Get more programs!" I say. :)

If Package managmend is to foggy for them, do you really think Program
will sound much better? :) And calling it Get more programs will be a
bit untrue. It's function isn't only to add more Packages (not
programs), but a lot more. You can search, remove, etc. And there are
many other ways you can Get Program, that synaptic doesn't support -
binary programs, source builds, etc... Package Manager is the best name,
cause it trully describes it's function.

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