Shared disks

Aamir Maori aamir at
Mon Jun 27 18:29:00 UTC 2005

all distros can read fat32(windows) and other linux filesystems.

should try mounting them:

for example if your windows drive is located at hdb1 enter the following
into a terminal

mount /mnt/hdb1

if that doesn't work then type

vi /etc/fstab

that should show you what drives are listed, if your drive isn't there it
can be added

On Mon, June 27, 2005 2:16 pm, johan buys said:
> I've downloaded a copy of Ubuntu linux and I am very impressed with it,
> but I do however have a major issue with the system:
> 1) I don't have access to my windows and other linux disk drives, which
> every other linux system can easily access from the file:/mnt/
> directory.
> 2) My first login was hard, because the user names where not visible (I
> do however feel more secure in your ubuntu, Debian type linux)
> The first issue I would like to have resolved soon, because all my data
> is stored on a FAT32 partition.  Or else I'll install some other linux
> distribution which shares data from and to windows as I have done before
> installing Ubuntu linux.
> Regards
> Johan
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