Upgrade from Debian stable to Hoary and group membership problems.

Nathan R. Valentine nathan.valentine at venntech.net
Mon Jun 27 15:32:18 UTC 2005

I know that this is not the desired way to get to Hoary but I have
several boxes where I switched the sources.list from Debian stable to
Hoary and then did an 'apt-get -f dist-upgrade' and some other package
magic. I needed to do an in-place upgrade so that was pretty much the
only option I had. 

The boxes are humming along just fine except for one
thing...supplementary groups are not being honored. So, if I have a user
'foo' that is in the primary group 'foo' and the supplementary group
'bar' when I login from the console/SSH/using su and do a "groups"
command only the primary group is active. 

Any ideas? I've diffed the /etc/pam.d directory against a fresh Hoary
install and they are identical. Not sure where else to look. 

Nathan Valentine, CISSP - nathan.valentine at venntech.net
Open Source Technician
Venn Technologies, Inc. : http://www.venntech.net
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