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August Lilleaas augustlilleaas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 17:36:25 UTC 2005

Thanks a lot for this, that was EXACTLY what i was looking for!

On 6/27/05, wolvie <wolvie.news at wp.pl> wrote:
> Dnia 27-06-2005, pon o godzinie 17:09 +0200, August Lilleaas napisaƂ(a):
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have just installed ubuntu 5.04 on my laptop, and everything seems
> > to work fine exept from a couple of issues:
> >
> > 1) I need some help with the gnome-vfs. What i need is to be able to
> > save directly to a ftp server. I am migrating from windows to linux,
> > and in windows i use dreamweaver. Dreamweaver has its own ftp app, and
> > that gives me the possibility to save directly to a ftp location. I
> > would very much like to do the same on linux, and i have understood
> > that the gnome-vfs is perfect for this. I have managed to connect to
> > the ftp server and browsing and file deliting/renaming etc. works
> > fine. But when i use bluefish, the web authoring program, to open the
> > files, i cannot save them to this ftp location - then, bluefish just
> > stops responding. How can i set up gnome-vfs to do this?
> >
> > 2) On some input fields the text is not visible! So far i have noticed
> > this in some forms and in some programs. E.g. in the admin backend
> > section of the Mambo Open Source CMS all fields have invisible text,
> > exept from textarea fields where an external javacript wysiwyg editor
> > is loaded. And again, in bluefish, the whole main code entering box
> > has invisible text. I say invisible, because if i select the text, i
> > can see from the paragraphs etc. that is there - but i cannot see it.
> > Textedit and Open Office seems to work fine, as well as most forms on
> > the internet.
> >
> > I appreciate any help that i can get! Keep in mind that i have no clue
> > about commands etc, i have used ubuntus apps to do all administration
> > and configuring so far.
> >
> > Regards,
> > August Lilleaas, norway
> Not directly an answer to Your questions, but had similar isssues when
> switching from Dreamweaver to linuxsoftware. Take insterest in Nvu web
> pages editor (can publish files directly to a ftp server).
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> Lukasz Kusmirek
> wolvie<dot>news<at>wp<dot>pl
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