laptop - any suggestions for a friend of mine?

Jack Jackson jackson.linux at
Wed Jun 22 13:25:03 UTC 2005

Steve Kratz wrote:
>>Do you have any good experiences with other laptops under 
>>linux, especially the collabaration with ubuntu?
I have a Compaq v4020 US Centrino 
Nearly everything worked out of the box with Ubuntu on this machine and 
it's perhaps the best notebook I've ever had (and there are five others 
in my house at the moment). I did have some issues with the IPW2200 
wireless card it came with. THe how to here: got it working. Since 
then other than a minor hardware problem which HP has since fixed the 
machine has been brilliant. Great battery life, fast as hell, brilliant 
colour on the widescreen monitor, lovely sound, quiet and at under 
$1500 a great deal.


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